Transforming lives through non-formal music making and critically engaging in music education practices.

• Innovative continuing professional development for music professionals;
• Bespoke consultancy for education institutions, community partnerships, charities and foundations, government agencies, and the private sector;
• Research initiatives

Community music is an active intervention between a music leader or facilitator and participants. Music educators who work in this way intentionally create spaces for inclusive and participatory musical doing. As a perspective it resonates with a commitment to musical expression as a crucible for social transformation, emancipation, empowerment, and cultural capital. As an approach that places emphasis on conversation, negotiation, collaboration, and cultural democracy, community music practices gives “voice” to those who take part. It is an interventionist approach that involves a distinctive skill set such as those commonly used in non-formal education. As such community music, as an expression of non-formal music education, can act as a bridge between formal music education and informal music learning.

People: Music is one of the distinctive aspects of being human. Placing those I work alongside as co-authors and collaborators my work encourages journeying together towards transformative musical experiences.

Places: Where community music and non-formal education happens is vitally important. The context is paramount and becomes a pivot for music making, critical inquiry, and conversation.

Participation: Creating opportunities for active music participation forms the heart of my work. This means finding ways to increase accessible pathways that lead toward meaningful musical engagement.

Inclusion: My work emphases the importance of making connections among people, across issues, and over time. By encouraging expansive and ongoing frameworks for interaction my work seeks to create engaged populations and communities of practice.

Diversity: Integral to my work is the celebration of difference that can only take place in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.


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