Invited Lectures

Music, Health and Wellbeing: British Association of Music Therapy, Birmingham, UK (February, 2014)

Boundary-Walkers: Contexts and Concepts of Community Music Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada (November, 2013)

University, Schools of Music and the Community: A Question of Hospitable Justice?Research & Higher Education in Music: International Perspectives, Porto Alegre, Brazil (July 2013)

Participatory Music-Making. NAMM, Moscow (May 2013)

 Community Music: International Perspective, The Sage Gateshead, UK (May 2013)

 Participation, Friendship and Music Education, Univeridad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Mexico (December, 2012) Webinar for Professional Development in the Arts

Community Education Summit
China Conservatory, Beijing (November 2012)

Community Music, University of Western Ontario, (March 2012)

Community Engagement: College Music Society, Richmond, Virginia, USA (October 2011).

Formal and informal music learning contexts in school and communities internationally: 4th Forum on Music, International Music Council, Tallinn, Estonia (September 2011)

Boundary-Walkers, National conference for American music educators, Milwaukee, USA (May 2008)

Developing Community Music Curriculum, International Festival of Community Arts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, (April 2008)

Community Music and Music Education, University of Seattle, Washington, USA (May 2007)

M.phil, Research Seminar – The Impossible Future, University of Cambridge, UK (March 2007)

US Lecture Tour (February 2006), New York University, University of Maryland, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Bergen Community College, New Jersey

Conceptualizations of Community Music, New York University, USA (October 2003)

Community Arts in the UK, De Kunst Connectie, Music Education Conference, The Netherlands (April 2003), Keynote lecture

Scandinavian Music Educators Network, Bergen, Norway (January 2001), Keynote lecturer and performance

Intercultural Music Education in Europe, Amsterdam, (June 1999)

Growth, pathways and groundwork: Community music in the United Kingdom, University of Durban, Westville, South Africa, (1999)


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