The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts


Integrated MA (Performing Arts Education, Dance Theatre Practice, Contemporary Theatre Practice)

  • Dissertation Supervision
  • Research Strategies and Methods
  • Critical Frameworks
  • Creative Practices
  • Final Research Project

BA (Hons) Community Arts (Music, Dance, Drama) & BA (Hons) Community Drama

  • Facilitation and Teaching Skills
  • Collaborative Arts Project
  • Public Performance Project
  • Employment for Community Artist
  • Music Skills, improvisation, percussion, composing, technology for the community musician
  • Community Project Planning
  • Samba/Cuban Drumming
  • Professional Development
  • Practice Based Theory

Dissertation Supervision (12000 words) approx. 50 students completed
Final Research Paper/Practical Project  approx. 150 completed

Institutional Wide Courses

  • Contextual Studies 1: From the Enlightenment to the Counter Culture (Level 1, around 140 students a year)
  • Contextual Studies 2: Postmodernism and beyond (Level 2, approx. 100 students a year)
  • Performance Workshop (Level 2, approx. 80 students a year).

BA (Hons) Sound Technology

  • Style and Idea in Music Technology

BA (Hons) Dance

  • Music into Dance

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